In an effort to leave a positive imprint on the minds of your possible clients or visitors, building a meaningful website often goes a long way. However, small mistakes made here can completely ruin the web traffic flow no matter how attractive the site or the product stands to be. To avoid such blunders happening to your site, we here discuss mistakes which could harm your site's prospects of showing up in relevant search programs.

1. Missing out on the nofollow noindex meta tags
While designing a blog or website for the first time many a times the relevant items are overlooked in the rush. Later when the pages are never seen in the search engine do you realize that mistakes have been committed. By default Wordpresssetting, the 'nofollow', 'noindex" meta tags gets added to your web pages and hence none of the pages figure in the search engine. So while designing the website pay attention to the smaller aspects to keep the web traffic healthy.

2. Over dependence on single keywords
Over emphasis on single keyword is no more a good way to get noticed on the web. The New Google's SEO tools of Penguin and Panda follows a method of evaluating links, so that they are genuine and does not manipulate the SEO. The idea is to focus on more keywords, and unfold content that is naturally relevant to your product or service. Contrived content that focuses on just one or two keywords will be as it is no use to wither you or the directed visitor.

3. Ignoring old content links and backup
Sometimes when you redesign your site or change the address site, not backing up your previous content or old links can have a devastating effect on your SEO dampening both your brand's image and the marketing efforts. Any new or re-designing efforts should design keep links to the old content with an improved look and feel for better traffic flow. As other related websites, old users, referred visitors, and search engines might still refer or link back to your previous links or images. A nullified outcome will result in bad publicity and user complaints too.

4. Software for search engine optimization
There is no SEO software that gives you the ultimate search engine optimization. This is an over-hyped concept that has failed many sites and be aware of it. Instead of such gimmicks its more relevant to to find out the words people use to find products and services similar to yours through keyword research, and then include them in your content to get relevant clients and buyers directed towards your site easily.It is even wiser to concentrate on relevant content and design that will express your honest intentions as a provider of your product or service. Set up proper flow of information and details that would help your possible clients connect with your product as well as boost the trust factor on you as a brand.

5. Ignoring SEO fields
One big mistake that many people often make is to ignore SEO fields for images and content as well. Often it has been seen that the images included in the site lack proper tagging and miss out on keywords that can help it get nailed properly by search engines. Hence, carefully include all terms you can think of linked to your product or service. here it is extremely important that you research your keywords properly and know what you want to rank for in search engines. By doing this you are making it easy to get noticed and enhance your web traffic and viewership.

Moreover, paying due attention to your site and its content is extremely important. Paying regular attention to the site, attending to your forum discussions and keeping the site fresh keeps your existing users as well as new directed users happy as well as help your rankings in SEO.
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