The 21st century has hardly even begun and has already bought so many amazing advances for technology. These times are great and there are gadgets galore to keep you entertained, to help you in the workplace, and to save money. The advances bring solutions to all sorts of things and now it is time to explore the best gadgets that have come to light so far.

iPod has been a great thing for the consumer, and for Apple. The small device means that CDs are no longer needed as users can have thousands of titles at their fingertips.

The MacBook Air is a beautiful piece for kit and very much a relief for those who are on the move a lot. The sleek size does not mean anything has been sacrificed either, which is great and looks brilliant.

The Nintendo Wii is so much fun for everyone that it was bound to be a hit. It has changed the way gamers can experience and play games forever. You have more of a sense of control when playing the Wii and can choose from a massive variety in games from dancing to the more traditional, albeit updated, platform (now 3D) games like Mario Bros.

The Xbox and Kinect have evolved gaming to another level. The extent is great to the point where robots have been integrated to copy and respond to human gestures. The 3D games that are played using motion are fantastic.

The Flip Video Camera is a digital camera that has put expensive camcorders to shame. The great thing about it is the affordability whilst the user is still getting great quality videos to enjoy later with friends and family. This has since flopped because of the camera use that a user can get out of a smartphone and additional apps, but was definitely a contributor that got things rolling.

The USB drive has been a massive hit; way to easily and safely store and transport files between devices. You can keep everything safe and in your pocket if you like with massive storage capabilities of up to 256GB. It is needless to say that this will probably rise in the future.

The iPad and back to Apple again. This is a great little invention that is advancing right now to the point where it will appeal to a much wider audience. The current functions can be extended with hundreds of thousands of apps available. You can stream television programmes with your iPad and find out how and what with the SatelliteTV Expert.

The Amazon Kindle has been a breakthrough for readers. The Kindle brings the new technological solution to reading the books you love and mean you can store thousands of books in one, small, lightweight device.

Android OS is growing and has spread itself massively and can be found on many devices including smartphones, smart TV sticks and tablets. The OS is a big fish in the OS market, especially the smartphone, and is only set to get better with the release of its latest upgrade in October.

It makes sense now that the iPhone gets a mention.  The iPhone has bought the death of many other electronic devices extending to a lot more that mobile phones and that is because of the number of things that you can do with the one device. The number of features and functions are great as they are so added with the hundreds of thousands of apps available and you have a phone, a computer, an organiser, a digital camera, an iPod; you name it, the iPhone can do it.

The 21st century is moving the world towards that ‘year 3000’ futuristic environment that so many image, and it is moving it quickly. At just 12 little years in, who knows what the next 88 years will bring!

This year is the 12th year of the century and already there have been an amazing number of technological advances. It is time to see how far things have come and imagine what there is to come in the future.

About Author: The above article is written and edited by Rosette, who is a freelance writer for various blogs and communities related to technology and business. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, entrepreneurship, etc and anything that is related to them.For her latest work please Check out Satellite TV Expert.

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